[pct-l] California Section K Barker Pass

Brian McLaughlin bmclaughlin at bigplanet.com
Wed Sep 6 12:51:55 CDT 2006

For a bear-proof cache that will be placed in a
car-accessible location, it might be cheaper to buy
army surplus ammo boxes - unless the questioner
owns or can borrow an extra bear cannister. Just
a thought.

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> Re: Barker Pass, there are no bear lockers there at all.  There is a
concrete outhouse, but I would not recommend storing food there.
> On the other hand, there is a car-accessible trailhead.  You might be able
to go off-trail a bit and hang a bear bag as a cache (or, just use a bear
cannister and hide it somewhere, hopefully where the bears won't use it for
> Iron Chef

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