[pct-l] Walking Shoes

Hiker97 at aol.com Hiker97 at aol.com
Wed Sep 6 10:42:07 CDT 2006

The latest issue of Consumer  Reports magazine (page 50) has an article on 
walking shoes.  Very  informative.  The New Balance MW791 came out on top.  I 
don't know if  it would be a good trail shoe.  May be there is a trail  version.
Also, I am glad that Scott is  thinking about my ambush of him during his 
Yo-Yo attempt.  This will make  him go faster thinking I am on his tail trying to 
catch up or laying in wait  somewhere along the trail.  I might have to 
change my vacation plans to  match his arrival at Campo.  I feel a little bad 
trying to take advantage  of him with his injury, but not too bad.
It is neat that I might be  interviewed after my upcoming Warner Springs 1.8 
mile PCT loop expedition.   This will be around Scott's arrival date at Campo. 
 The  interview would be cool.  But it will take away most of the  glory and 
publicity from Scott's 5,300 mile PCT Yo-Yo hike.  Oh  well, that's the way it 
goes.  Someone get word to Scott of my  apologies. 
I notice my little finger twitching.  That means I leaving in an hour  for 
Mt. Whitney and Switchbackisms are beginning to fill my brain for the  upcoming 
After Action Report.  The dark clouds are all around the  mountains here in 
Las Vegas with thunder.  That means the Sierras are  looking mean around Mt. 
Whitney.  Cool.  I hope to camp tonight at  10,400 foot Outpost Camp in storm and 
thunder -- if I can get a permit,  otherwise it is the hot tub at the Dow 
Villas Motel in Lone Pine.
Your hiking buddy, Switchback the  Trail Pirate
Historic Warner Springs Loop  Expedition Member

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