[pct-l] Request for help with Wikipedia PCT entry

Brian McLaughlin bmclaughlin at bigplanet.com
Tue Sep 5 17:57:28 CDT 2006

One claimed fact for the PCT that I find very interesting
(and not at all tied to thru-hiking) is that, of the seven
major ecological zones in North America, the PCT
travels through six of them. I believe this fact was cited
in the introductions to the PCT guidebooks.

In fact, the wikipedia entry could be usefully enlarged
by more references to the flora and fauna typical of 
the trail and its environs. Other types of facts that
would be interesting (that I don't know) might be:

- how much of the PCT passes through private land,
  or through incorporated cities vs.state or federal

- how much of the trails were built by volunteer
  labor vs. paid labor?

- who planned the route and when were various 
  sections completed?

- how much of the route was relocated since the
  trail was originally designated?

- what sections get the least rain / most rain... 
   (and give other climatological data.)

- a link to the Google Earth map of the PCT.

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> I was having a look at
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pacific_Crest_Trail
> The entry really needs some help. I think the emphasis on thru-hiking
> is misleading
> Specifically I'd like to see some entries on Section Hiking and Day
> hiking, Inclusion of relationship with the JMT, ADZ and other things,
> including this list.
> Any takers?
> We can discuss here, or simply meet in the Discussion section
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