[pct-l] Request for help with Wikipedia PCT entry

Bighummel at aol.com Bighummel at aol.com
Tue Sep 5 16:50:29 CDT 2006

I edited some of the discussion.  Putting in Martin Papendick  (1952) and 
Joanne and Marion Knezacek (1971).  Mary Carstens claims to be  the first woman, 
but the Knezacek's are credible but I have not been able to  confirm 
additional information about their hike.  
Papendick should, IMHO, be heralded and honored as THE first person  to walk 
dedicatedly from Canada to Mexico.
Fun, fun, fun.

"To the  Backpacker time and place have no meaning. Independent and 
self-sustaining he is  his own master. That is the joy of backpacking. Wandering where 
and when he  wishes, darkness finds him "everywhere at  home.""
Clinton  C. Clarke in "The Pacific Crest Trailway"  1943

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