[pct-l] Lost Mp3 Player - Goat Rocks Wilderness

Jordy Pickel psuhiker at hotmail.com
Tue Sep 5 13:00:05 CDT 2006

This is a post on behalf of Marc (Flowcefus) who is currently hiking the 
last stretch of the PCT.

On September 1st, Marc dropped an mp3 player around the Goat Rocks 
Wilderness, south of White Pass. If anybody found this or comes across it in 
the future, please forward it to me for Marc.

We will pay for postage and extra for your troubles. You can email me at 
psuhiker at hotmail.com or call me on my phone at 814-883-0311.

My mailing address is 4337 Mitchell Street, Philadelphia, PA 19128

Thanks for all your help.

Jordy Pickel

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