[pct-l] ADZPCTKO - Vote with your feet

Jim Keener jlkeener at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 5 12:51:48 CDT 2006


My experience with the kickoff has been positive. I
have known great kindness, joy, comradeship, mediocre
food and far too many people for my wishes. But I'm
agoraphobic. In spite of my fear of going over the top
- it has been a spiritual experience.

To my limited knowledge, ADZPCTKO was started with
good intentions and continues with integrity and even
some efficiency. Not bad. But it is not for everyone.
If you do not like the kickoff, do not go.

These are some of the reasons I am glad I went in
 - got to meet people important to my hike: Liz
Bergeron, Donna Saufley, Brian Frankel, Henry Shires,
the Andersons and other hikers. 
 - And Gotttago is there with Yogi and Cupcake giving
away their bandanas.
 - because I can get overwhelmed by the start of
something big and the kickoff gave me some focus.

I did leave early from Lake Morena in 2004. I simply
wanted to start walking, and three of us left in the
late afternoon on Saturday.

Cutting to chase: thanks to the ADZPCTKO organizers.
Your work is a gift to the rest of us. But we do not
have to accept it.



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