[pct-l] Yo-Yo Completion Date

Acu4harmony at aol.com Acu4harmony at aol.com
Mon Sep 4 23:18:20 CDT 2006

Well Switchback,
I have informed Scott of your plans.  But it looks like Shelly is  correct of 
his estimated time of arrival at the boarder.  My educated guess  would be he 
will hitting the boarder a few days later than Shelly's  guess of the 10th of 
November.  Due to the fact his schedule is very short  of zeros and I know he 
will take a few more.  He is all refueled and ready  to hit the trail 
tomorrow and is planning to take no zeros till he hits  Truckee.  We will see if his 
infected toe will allow him to keep up the  pace.  He is very grateful to the 
surgeon who attempted to preformed  surgery on his toe on the trail.  I guess 
she gave him some sort of  Narcotic that took away all feeling in is body and 
dug in to retrieve the  toenail that was causing all the problems.  He had an 
audience and tried to  video it but almost passed out. Jackalope and Eagle Eye 
where so kind to give  him antibiotics to clear up the infection.  He says 
the pain has stopped  and he is ready to hit the trail again.  So Switchback 
sounds like you may  have a chance to steal his thunder.  But be warned he is 
looking for  you.  I told him about your plan.  He will be checking every bush  
looking for you.  But I would still work on getting in shape cuz he is fast  
even when he is in pain!!!  Ha Ha,  MIchelle  
Lets all pray that winter starts in mid to late November this  year   

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