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lindyport at aol.com lindyport at aol.com
Mon Sep 4 19:21:34 CDT 2006

Hi, I'm a PCT mom.  I have been supporting my thru hiker all summer and he is nearing Canada!  I have discovered that he and hiking partners have been requesting re-supply boxes be sent ahead on the trail from here, rather than from local resupply locations.  It seems mom's cooking is best.  I have been providing clams marinara, tuna steaks, salmon steaks, cajun cookin, etc.  The guys have suggested that I put my abilities out there and see from feedback if there is any interest in hiring someone to pack and ship resupply boxes ahead to trail towns.  I would require monthly contact with updated lists/dates, etc., and payment in advance.  Let me know if there is any interest please, I would appreciate your feedback.  My hikers are MasterBlaster (Jon), Thunderdome(Conor),  and Man of Action (Sean).  You can read more about their trek at www.myspace.com/jpspinning. The logs are in the blog section.  This has been a great adventure and they will be glad to provide references!  Linda Porter
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