[pct-l] Vacuum Sealers

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Mon Sep 4 18:14:50 CDT 2006

I've been using a FoodSaver by Tilia for over 10 years, and it works GREAT.  
I buy the 8" rolls and then cut and seal to size.  You won't be able to tear 
open these bags.  Once in a while it loses the vacuum seal, but it's never 
opened in my pack or anything.

In a silly whim of technology improvement and ultralight thinking, I 
purchases a Deni Freshlock Turbo Seal.  It's AWFUL - the rolls are very thin 
(which I had hoped would be good) but they tear open easily in a pack and 
that's bad news.  The vacuum seal never held.  I sometimes use this sealer 
if I have to seal something inside a bigger bag (for example, I'll package 
the nuts to add after the dinner rehydrates, and then put the little serving 
of nuts inside the bigger bag of pasta dinner).

Get the FoodSaver - available at many places including Fred Meyer, GI Joes, 
probably Target.  GI Joes has good sales on them in the fall for the 

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>I am about to buy one of these to package backpacking food and
>whatnot.  Prices vary wildly.  Anybody have any idea what I need or
>what I should be looking for? Thanks
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