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Bob Bankhead wandering_bob at comcast.net
Mon Sep 4 18:08:55 CDT 2006

"I wasn't heading north that year, though. 
And had I been, I don't think I'd have timed my hike to 
include the KOP... My memories of a lonely and pristine 
trail corridor are still too vivid and magical.

- blisterfree"

Suggestion - beat the crowds. Assuming the weather allows it, leave Campo 3 weeks before the KO. Enjoy the cooler desert climes and the solitude. Skip around any really nasty snowy spots like Fuller Ridge. Trek straight through to Kennedy Meadows, making your best possible time. Since in all liklihood, it's too early to enter the Sierras at this point, flip back and pick up those "really nasty snowy spots" you missed. Take a few weeks off to replentish kit and soul in near-trail fleshpots. Return to Kennedy Meadows refreshed and resupplied. Leave a week behind the now greatly reduced pack. Let them break trail for you all the way to Tuolumne Meadows, then either blow by the survivors or just leapfrog them all the way to Canada.

Wandering Bob

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