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Mon Sep 4 17:27:22 CDT 2006

p_baily at webuniverse.net_ (mailto:pbaily at webuniverse.net)   writes:

The PCT  itself between the 2 intersections with Highway 79 is 1.8 miles 
long,  according to the Data Book. I don't know, I thought I did some short  


PS: Enjoy Whitney, and remember to pack out  what you pack in. Therefore, no 
pirate flags planted on the  top!
That is a good point.  I think  I will take some pirate stuff on this 
expedition.  I might also paint the  shelter roof at the top with a big skull & cross 
bones.  Kind of a  "Switchback was here." thing. Thanks for the idea.
Yes, 1.8 miles seems like a good stretch of the legs, especially when you  
are the first to ever do it.  I like to do some serious hiking on my PCT  
vacations to make me feel productive.  I like to feel I  am knocking down some 
serious mileage on my now 36 year (started in 1970)  section hike of the trail.
I notice some hikers on this List  are doing 30+ miles per day on their 
hikes.  That is about a year's PCT  average for me.
Thanks again, Switchback the Trail  Pirate


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