[pct-l] Public Notice & Warning

Phil Baily pbaily at webuniverse.net
Mon Sep 4 16:26:30 CDT 2006

The PCT itself between the 2 intersections with Highway 79 is 1.8 miles 
long, according to the Data Book. I don't know, I thought I did some short 


P.S. Enjoy Whitney, and remember to pack out what you pack in. Therefore, 
no pirate flags planted on the top!

At 11:38 AM 9/4/06, Hiker97 at aol.com wrote:
>I will be posting this Sunday  my After Action Report on my Mt. Whitney
>expedition.  I leave Wednesday  morning and will return Sunday.
>You are fairly warned that this  will be a tour-de-force vintage Switchback
>post.  No expense will be spared  to provide you with my particular take on
>this adventure.  It will be  long and jam packed with Switchbackisms.
>You might not want to open your  PCT-L mailing for awhile starting Sunday to
>avoid this upcoming monster  post.
>Next Expedition: Also, I will be  taking my Hyper Leadership Type woman on a
>vacation expedition in October  to Warner Springs, Julian (Hilltop Resort),
>Mt. Laguna, Lake Morena, and  Campo.  During our stay at Warner Springs we 
>hike the PCT loop trail  around Warner Springs.
>I bet even Purist do not do this  part of the PCT.  I will probably be the
>first hiker to ever do it.  I  guess it is 2 or 3 miles long.  I plan to 
>do it
>on an  early Saturday morning .  Another historic first for  Switchback the
>Trail Pirate.
>Thank you for your attention and  support.  I know what you are going to say,
>"Thanks for the  warning."
>Switchback the Trail Pirate & Trailtown Rowdy
>PCT Section Hiker 1970
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