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Where is  it that you live?  I live close to the trail, and live with the 
effects  of the KO.  Please don't tell me or others that the KO is not having an  
affect in the start date patterns, because it most definitely is.  And,  IMHO 
it sucks, in plain English.  

Here we go again....  
It doesn't matter where I live, but the date I'd pick to start the trail,  
which would be the last weekend in April regardless of the Kick Off.
i could start earlier, but I wont because I'd get to the Sierras too  soon.  
I could start later, but I wont for it's too hot in the desert and  Canada is 
a long way away.  I could start southbound, but the sun's  always in my 
eyes....  That leaves the end of April.  

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