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Sly wrote:

"Not having the KickOff isn't going to change the numbers  appreciably or when they start."

Sly, sorry, my dear friend.  I could not disagree with this statement more.  When you have 145 hikers starting over one weekend ('05 numbers per one of the organizers), it's because they are attending the KO, not because they all randomly chose to start that particular weekend. 

Where is it that you live?  I live close to the trail, and live with the effects of the KO.  Please don't tell me or others that the KO is not having an affect in the start date patterns, because it most definitely is.  And, IMHO it sucks, in plain English.  


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>I thank  anyone and everyone that supports the PCT in any way...
>So I, too, say  "Thanks for your contributions to the community,  Scott!"
>Yes, Scott has a great website and has brought a lot to the table but it  
>doesn't help his *image* when he attacks the KickOff, or when he gets  personal 
>with some on the list, especially the ones with more experience that  also 
>offer invaluable advice.
>Certain things aren't going to change and have been discussed and debated  ad 
>nauseum.  The timing of the KickOff is the best in any given year, as is  the 
>start date.  Not having the KickOff isn't going to change the numbers  
>appreciably or when they start.
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