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Sat Sep 2 18:57:47 CDT 2006

Lonetrail writes:

Now I  have a question on those who want to shut off the word of nature. Can 
you  describe the sound of a grouse as you hike on the tail.?
Good point and a valid  one.  I need to better explain and clarify my 
particular  take on radio use.
No one said that using a radio on  the trial or in camp meant that you were 
listening 100% of the time to music or  other programs.  Of course, I hear and 
notice lots of Mother Nature's sound  and sights.  Using a radio is not an 
either you do or you do  not proposition.  I use it when I want some company and  
entertainment.  It is enjoyable and lots of fun.
I would guess on the trail I use a  radio 25% of the time and in camp it is 
higher, since at night I always listen  to programs in my shelter.  The 
majority of my trail/camp time is  without radio listening.  But the trail miles seem 
to go by a lot quicker  with a radio.
By the way, I workout a lot too in  my home gym room or at work.  I NEVER 
workout without having a favorite  radio program on or music -- super boring 
without it.  At work from 12-2 PM  here in Las Vegas I listen to a sport gaming 
program when in the gym that  cracks me up.  I do not gamble, but get a kick out 
of listening to all the  gamblers talking about sport betting and why they 
lost their money.  It's  too funny.  Music and radio programs make the workout 
go ALOT  faster.
Yes, I am familiar with lots of sights and sounds on the trail.  And I  have 
a nice balance of great music and programs to go along with it.  The  best of 
both worlds and makes for happy adventures.  At least, that is my  opinion for 
the last 40 years of backpacking, HYOH, etc., etc.
Cheers, Switchback
Trail Radio  Pirate

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