[pct-l] The Thru Hiker Radio

Lonetrail at aol.com Lonetrail at aol.com
Sat Sep 2 16:56:01 CDT 2006

I usually spent my free time on the trail or at the gym. I am alarm at more  
and more I see people staring into space with a blank or anger look on their  
face. I  would say have a nice hike or have a nice workout and never  receive 
an answer back I discounted drugs at either place but maybe  medication. After 
close inspection I noticed something attached to their ear and  thought maybe 
a new kind of a pacemaker. If it wasn't for the posting on this  site I never 
would have realized they were listing to a radio.
Now I know why they have that anger or blank look on their face they are  
missing the real sound of music. The sound of  sound of nature. Now I have  a 
question on those who want to shut off the word of nature. Can you describe  the 
sound of a grouse as you hike on the tail.?

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