[pct-l] The Thru Hiker Radio

Hiker97 at aol.com Hiker97 at aol.com
Sat Sep 2 12:57:41 CDT 2006

If I was going on a PCT thru-hike in 2007, I would probably  take the Sony S2 
Sports Walkman Digital Tuning Stereo Armband Radio  SRF-M85V.
It has lots of neat features,  including WX, TV, etc.  Very simple with 
digital tuning.  That is  important to zero in on your station.  I like the Mega 
Bass for music and  single AAA battery operation too.
You can buy it at mean old Walmart  for under $50.
I just thought of something.   I have a gift certificate to BestBuy.  I think 
I will go down there and get  me one.  I can use it for my 2013 thru hike.
Hiking Sensationalist &  Music Man

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