[pct-l] Thru Hiker Sighting in Sisters

Bill Jensen bjensen at hswenterprises.com
Fri Sep 1 14:57:31 CDT 2006

I was driving from Portland to Bend on business on Tuesday and saw a
couple of hitchhikers in Sisters headed back west (the direction from
which I had come).  Very obvious that they were thru hikers (dirty,
tanned, ragged clothing, and small packs).  They were trying to get to
Detroit, OR so they could hike around the fire closure in the Mt.
Jefferson Wilderness.  Her name was Dirty Bird and his, well I forgot.
We chatted for a few minutes and it turns out that I was the FOURTH
hiker from 1977 that they had met so far on the trip so far. It really
is a small world. 

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