[pct-l] Tropical Storm John hikes the PCT?

Brett blisterfree at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 1 15:47:39 CDT 2006

> It is an unlikely event. But it would be a notorious 
> precedent to see the
> PCT and the AT affected by a tropical storms within a few 
> days of each
> other.

C'mon Scott - I know the list is slow, but this is 
sensationalist. The real story this year is the obvious lack 
of an '05-style hurricane season recurrence on the American 
mainland, which I personally believe was influenced by 
sunspot activity more than global warming (which is also 

Yes, "belief." Useless in the grand scheme, and doubtless 
holding me to my dreamy, psuedo-scientific caste for all of 

- blisterfree

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