[pct-l] AT and Springer Mt. Question

Hiker97 at aol.com Hiker97 at aol.com
Fri Sep 1 05:04:20 CDT 2006

There is a state park several miles  from Springer Mt. and the southern 
terminus of the AT.  I was there about 6 years ago.
I seem to remember that it had a big wooden arch for the beginning of the  
AT.  There was even a hiker hotel on a hill above the park.  The park  seem to 
be real beginning of the trail.  May be it was a convenient  starting point for 
a NoBo AT hike.  But I think it was 8 miles from  Springer Mt.  That does not 
make sense to me.
What is this park in relationship  to the AT? 
I was going to drive up  to Springer Mt. and see the southern AT terminus, 
but for some reason I  could not.  I do not remember why.  I am old.
Class of  2013 

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